Constellation currently has seven CDs available. Click on the CD titles or pictures below to listen to audio clips of the tunes on the CDs from this website. To order from this web site, simply click here. Complete CDs and individual tracks are also available at the iTunes store, CDBaby, and Amazon. Selected CDs are available in North Carolina at the John C Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC and at Song of the Wood in Black Mountain, NC

2015 Eric and Helen with guest, Robbie Link (hammered dulcimer, guitar, bass, cello, vocals)
Constellation’s latest CD takes its name from the lyrics of Eric’s piece “Ol’ Man ‘n’ Ol’ Lady.” Everything on this CD, except for one traditional reel, is our original music. You’ll find both lively and lyrical instrumentals as well as evocative vocals and a number of unusual compositions that we can only classify as our “eclectic acoustic” genre.

2012 Eric and Helen with guest, Robbie Link (hammered dulcimer, guitar, bass, cello, vocals)
Constellation’s second CD features high-energy instrumentals, haunting melodies, and catchy tunes, including two originals from each of us.

2008 Eric and Helen (hammered dulcimer, guitar, bass, and vocals)
This collection showcases music from Constellation’s broad repertoire of music. In it are a number of original tunes as well as several of their distinctive interpretations of Celtic and other popular tunes.

2012 Eric (guitar, bass, organ, and vocals)
This is Eric’s first solo collection. It includes songs ranging from ballads to slices of real life set to verse. The instrumentals range from the powerful to the lilting.

2012 Helen (hammered dulcimer)
Helen’s latest collection includes tunes ranging from deeply contemplative to her lovely original title tune, “Silver Lining Waltz.” Many of her all time favorites are included here.

2005 Helen (Hammered dulcimer and freenote chimes)
This CD features contemplative music, suitable for massage, meditation, yoga, or simply relaxing. The music is drawn primarily from the repertoire that Helen uses when playing at bedside.

2005 Helen (Hammered dulcimer)
This collection highlights energizing music, drawn primarily from Helen’s entertainment repertoire. It features a number of unusual, contrapuntal arrangements of several works by Turlough O’Carolan, as well as a wide variety of music ranging from ragtime to classical.

Body Relaxation with Hammered Dulcimer

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2017 Helen Wolfson (Hammered Dulcimer)
and Jon Seskevich (Spoken Word)

In this recording Jon leads the listener in a guided meditation backed by Helen's mesmerizing music.