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Helen and Eric are both active members of their local Unitarian Universalist fellowship. They have done a number of services at their local fellowship as well as for a number of UU, Ethical Culture, and other liberal religious congregations on the East Coast. They would love to bring their services to your congregation. The full services can be presented as either Sunday morning or vesper services. Constellation will work with your ministers and staff to incorporate these services into your local format, including your traditional servicer elements. The list of service offerings include:

The Language of Music: Music can evoke a range of strong emotions (including joy, sorrow, wistfulness, elation) and powerful images. In the service Constellation uses their music to lead the congregation on a journey through a variety of emotions and images. The congregation is met with a piece of medium energy that evokes an image that is not emotionally charged. From there, the music and commentary takes the congregation through several emotional steps to a place of deep contemplation. From there, the congregation is taken back up through laughter and elation to celebration.

Gather The Spirit: This service deals with the word, “spirit”, and what that word might mean to a humanistic UU. The word “spirit” is often bandied about in UU congregations, but it seem to mean different things to different people. In this service we visit the concept of spirit from a humanist perspective and discover that the word embodies a core concept that can be meaningful to the humanist.

What’s a Nice Atheist Like Me Doing in a Place Like This?: This service explores the rationale for the non-theist to be a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation.

Contemplative Music Service: Helen has a large repertoire of contemplative music that she plays in services as well as in her work as a bedside musician. Constellation can provide a service built around this music, punctuated with poetry and readings.

Music in Service: Constellation can simply provide the music for a Sunday morning service. The selection would be tailored to match the tone of your service.

Concert: Constellation would love to do a concert at your church or fellowship. This could be done for any congregational event including benefits, fundraisers, or as part of a larger, community-building effort.